Crochet patterns for Granny Squares

Grannysquare drawstring mini bag

Cute crochet granny square mini drawstring bag made from sunburst grannysquares. This little crochet bag is perfect for small presents of favors to gift.

10.06.2022| | 0 | 29
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Classic granny square

A classic granny square with two options on how to begin a new row. Chain of 3 or standing double crochet stitch. The choice is yours.

10.07.2021| | 3 | 85
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Crochet granny square bag

How to assemble 13 granny squares into a bag? Easy. With the diagram I provided you can make your bag to take with you while you yarn shop.

20.09.2020| | 2 | 89
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Sunburst Granny Square

This lovely crochet granny square with its little puffs and bobbles if perfect to use as a piece for your next project. A crochet bag or a crochet blanket?

30.08.2020| | 3 | 23
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Crochet coin purse from granny squares

A coin purse made from granny squares. Can it get better? Yes, it can with a FLAT slip stitch join and a video tutorial how to assemble the squares and join them step by step.

02.08.2021| | 2 | 8
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Classic one color Granny square

Who loves granny squares? They are so versatile and I am using them for blankets, bags, home decoration, bottle holders, afghans, purses. This single color granny square comes with a twist or a flip to crochet faster and keep a nicer square shape and a variation for smaller gaps between.

03.06.2021| | 3 | 10
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Crochet granny square purse

How to use diferent numbers of crochet granny squares and put them together into a coin purse, wallet, clutch, hobo bag, tote,...

18.09.2020| | 2 | 7
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Most Popular Crochet Projects

Crochet amigurumi jellyfishCrochet amigurumi jellyfish

A cute crochet amigurumi jellyfish pattern. I made this crochet jellyfish pattern from just the basic shapes and crochet stitches so it is simple and easy to follow along. Beginner friendly and perfect to use up any scrap yarn.

25.07.2020| | 2 | 257
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Crochet doll patternCrochet doll pattern

An amigurumi crochet doll pattern that is easy to use and the pattern is free. You can adjust the pattern to your preferences. It is a perfect crochet doll handmade gift toy.

30.04.2021| | 1 | 199
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Crochet rose broochCrochet rose brooch

Cute crochet rose brooch tutorial with a free pattern. The jewellery piece looks like a mini rose garden. The same pattern can be used to make a jewellery set including a pendant, ring, bracelet, earings.

14.06.2020| 1 | 196
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Basic crochet shape Christmas ornament setBasic crochet shape Christmas ornament set

Three basic shapes that can be turned into ornaments. A triangle that looks like a Christmas tree, a circle that can be turned into a snowman or a bauble and a square that looks like a present. Basic shapes and basic crochet stitches.

02.12.2021| | 0 | 166
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Crochet pumpkin patternCrochet pumpkin pattern

Autumn calls for pumpkins and why not make a crochet rustic pumpkin for fall / autumn / Halloween decoration. If you add eyes you can even make a scary pumpkin amigurumi that looks like a Jack O'Lantern for home decoration.

20.08.2021| | 3 | 165
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Crochet alphabet all the lettersCrochet alphabet all the letters

Complete collection of all crochet alphabet letters. Crochet letters are the latest home decoration trend for quoted wall art, party places, kids nurseries, playrooms, bedrooms. Add your wall area, shelf or a mantle word expressions of love, family and happiness. The kids love to play with these large and soft crochet amigurumi letters to spell their and other names or words.

28.10.2021| | 4 | 161
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Crochet fish patternCrochet fish pattern

I found this wonderful free crochet pattern for an amigurumi fish and I had to share it with you. Mix the colors and you get the most amazing crochet tropical fish.

19.06.2020| | 1 | 160
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Crochet gingerbread house ornamentCrochet gingerbread house ornament

A simple crochet Christmas ornament gingerbread house made from basic shapes with basic crochet stitches. A little bit of embroidery and the gingerbread house ornament looks amazing.

28.12.2021| | 1 | 149
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Mini crochet Christmas treeMini crochet Christmas tree

A mini crochet Christmas tree decoration to plant in a pot or hang as an ornament. The pattern is simple to read with using only basic crochet stitches. A beginner friendly crochet winter project. A detailed free crochet pattern with a YouTube video tutorial.

22.11.2020| | 3 | 139
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Simple crochet angel ornamentSimple crochet angel ornament

A simple crochet angel made from basic shapes and using only basic crochet stitches. Beginner friendly crochet Christmas decoration project.

17.12.2021| | 3 | 127
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Crochet rose bookmarkCrochet rose bookmark

Easy but creative crochet rose flower pattern with tutorial on how to crochet a beautiful bookmark. You can use the crochet rose or roses for seasonal decoration - spring wreath, special events - weddings, bouquets, embellishment on bags, hats, coats, cardigans, or a jewellery piece - hair clip, pendant, necklace, earring, statement bracelet, pin, brooch.

18.05.2020| | 0 | 123
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Crochet daisy flowerCrochet daisy flower

Free crochet flower pattern for a daisy but with a different color combination you can make a rainbow of daisy flowers. The pattern is easy to follow along. Diagram for petals is also included.

27.03.2021| | 0 | 120
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Fun Facts

The more advanced stitches are often combinations of the 5 basic stitches, or are made by inserting the hook into the work in unusual locations. More advanced stitches include the shell stitch, V stitch, spike stitch, Afghan stitch, butterfly stitch, popcorn stitch, cluster stitch, and crocodile stitch.

- source

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"As a beginner crochet lover I absolutely adore the free patterns you put on. It helped me improve my skills and the extended family is happy for all the crochet decoration I made this season. The patterns all have YouTube video tutorial to watch row by row how it is made. I learned new stitches and it was easy to crochet. Thank you." - Anna M.