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Crochet acorn brooch

Crochet acorn and oak leaf brooch crochet pattern with broken down steps to create a gorgeous corsage for a cardigan, coat or a jacket.

27.09.2022 | 0 | 0
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Crochet acorn and oak leaf

Cute and easy crochet acorn autumn decoration pattern. Acorn or oaknut is the nut of the oaks. Add some eyes and make an acorn amigurumi. Use the crochet acorn for decoration of your home, autumn wedding theme, jewellery pieces, bookmarks, key chains and more.

12.09.2022 | | 0 | 0
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Crochet butterfly applique

Crochet butterfly applique pattern. A cute and beginner friendly crochet butterfly motif for home decoration, pin, head pin, pendant, bookmark.

10.07.2022 | | 0 | 8
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Grannysquare drawstring mini bag

Cute crochet granny square mini drawstring bag made from sunburst grannysquares. This little crochet bag is perfect for small presents of favors to gift.

10.06.2022 | | 0 | 24
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Crochet bee

Cute little crochet amigurumi bee that looks to me more like a wasp. Easy and fast crochet project using only basic crochet stitches. This small crochet animal amigurumi is done with cotton yarn.

01.05.2022 | | 0 | 6
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Crochet Easter egg basket pattern

Two patterns with diagrams for Easter egg basket. Single – one egg basket and with the adjustable pattern you can optimize for your project / yarn / crochet hook.

11.04.2022 | | 0 | 13
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Crochet ladybug amigurumi

A super cute crochet amigurumi ladybug. Red with black dots small toy or decoration. A pattern with basic crochet stitches.

09.02.2022 | | 0 | 35
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Crochet amigurumi doll cardigan

An easy to crochet and adjust amigurumi doll toy cardigan / jacket / bolero pattern with step-by-step video YouTube tutorial.

01.02.2022 | | 0 | 15
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Crochet gingerbread house ornament

A simple crochet Christmas ornament gingerbread house made from basic shapes with basic crochet stitches. A little bit of embroidery and the gingerbread house ornament looks amazing.

28.12.2021 | | 1 | 16
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Simple crochet angel

A simple crochet angel made from basic shapes and using only basic crochet stitches. Beginner friendly crochet Christmas decoration project.

17.12.2021 | | 0 | 6
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Basic crochet shape Christmas ornament set

Three basic shapes that can be turned into ornaments. A triangle that looks like a Christmas tree, a circle that can be turned into a snowman or a bauble and a square that looks like a present. Basic shapes and basic crochet stitches.

02.12.2021 | | 0 | 23
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Crochet flat Christmas tree ornament

Another basic shape that can be turned into an ornament. A triangle that looks like a Christmas tree with beads, yarn, sequins to bling it up. Simple, fast, cute and adorable.

19.11.2021 | | 0 | 81
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Crochet Christmas present ornament

Adorable crochet Christmas present ornament that is easy, simple, free and fast to make. Let the festive season begin with a creative crafty home decoration. Amazing pattern and step by step YouTube video tutorial.

31.10.2021 | | 0 | 3
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Crochet alphabet all the letters

Complete collection of all crochet alphabet letters. Crochet letters are the latest home decoration trend for quoted wall art, party places, kids nurseries, playrooms, bedrooms. Add your wall area, shelf or a mantle word expressions of love, family and happiness. The kids love to play with these large and soft crochet amigurumi letters to spell their and other names or words.

28.10.2021 | | 4 | 178
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Crochet one row BOW

How to crochet a small bow? This super easy ONE ROW ONLY crochet mini BOW? With this basic crochet pattern diagram and a YouTube video tutorial to follow along really simple. It is perfect for beginners.

17.10.2021 | | 2 | 39
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Crochet ghost amigurumi

Halloween. And what is scary? A crochet ghost amigurumi for some home decoration. It can hang from a ceiling on a thin string and float around the sweets. With this free and easy crochet pattern you can make your own.

01.10.2021 | 0 | 7
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Crochet pumpkin pattern

Autumn calls for pumpkins and why not make a crochet rustic pumpkin for fall / autumn / Halloween decoration. If you add eyes you can even make a scary pumpkin amigurumi that looks like a Jack O'Lantern for home decoration.

20.08.2021 | | 3 | 42
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Crochet dreamcatcher

I find them amazing and interesting and the original ones must be protective and protected. This is my crochet try of a dreamcatcher. I am using a free and easy crochet doily for the center piece and an embroidery loop for the frame.

09.08.2021 | | 2 | 5
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Crochet coin purse from granny squares

A coin purse made from granny squares. Can it get better? Yes, it can with a FLAT slip stitch join and a video tutorial how to assemble the squares and join them step by step.

02.08.2021 | | 2 | 8
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Classic granny square

A classic granny square with two options on how to begin a new row. Chain of 3 or standing double crochet stitch. The choice is yours.

10.07.2021 | | 3 | 85
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Classic one color Granny square

Who loves granny squares? They are so versatile and I am using them for blankets, bags, home decoration, bottle holders, afghans, purses. This single color granny square comes with a twist or a flip to crochet faster and keep a nicer square shape and a variation for smaller gaps between.

03.06.2021 | | 3 | 10
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Basic crochet Doll dress

A doll has to have a nice dress and here is a super easy crochet pattern for a dress. You can adjust it for any size doll.

09.05.2021 | | 0 | 3
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Crochet doll pattern

An amigurumi crochet doll pattern that is easy to use and the pattern is free. You can adjust the pattern to your preferences. It is a perfect crochet doll handmade gift toy.

30.04.2021 | | 1 | 139
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Crochet teddy bear

This little crochet bear amigurumi is easy to make and in the free pattern with video tutorial I will show you how to make this toy from bottom to top.

23.04.2021 | | 0 | 7
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Crocheting and other forms of needlecraft or handicraft are proven to have several health benefits including reducing stress and anxiety. Studies show that the constant repetition of hand movement helps keep the mind calm and distracts the brain from the stresses of life.

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"As a beginner crochet lover I absolutely adore the free patterns you put on. It helped me improve my skills and the extended family is happy for all the crochet decoration I made this season. The patterns all have YouTube video tutorial to watch row by row how it is made. I learned new stitches and it was easy to crochet. Thank you." - Anna M.