Crochet starfish amigurumi


A crochet five pointed starfish amigurumi pattern to use for underwater sea life mobile, crochet aquarium animal, toy, summer decoration. It is your choice.

The crochet starfish amigurumi is made with only basic crochet stitches and in several steps. First step is to crochet the bottom center part, join and finish it and sew in the end tail. The second center part is made of the top body part and the first arm.

The final four stages are the remaining four arms. If you want to put in some safety eyes I suggest you do it after the third arm is done and filling the starfish should be made after doing the first two or three rows of the last arm.


The stitches used in this pattern are:

  • sl st – slip stitch
  • ch – chain stitch
  • sc – single crochet stitch
  • inc – single crochet increase stitch (make 2 in 1)
  • dec – single crochet decrease crochet stich

Pattern for the amigurumi crochet starfish:

This pattern is made to be crocheted in continues rounds.

Bottom center part:

  • 1b: 6sc in magic ring -> 6 sts
  • 2b: {inc} x6 -> 12 sts
  • 3b: {sc, inc} x6 -> 18 sts
  • 4b: {2sc, inc} x6 -> 24 sts
  • 5b: {inc, 3sc} x6 -> 30 sts - cut yarn and finish off with sewing the end in the body



Top center part and first arm:

  • 1t: 6sc in magic ring -> 6 sts
  • 2t: {inc} x6 -> 12 sts
  • 3t: {sc, inc} x6 -> 18 sts
  • 4t: {2sc, inc} x6 -> 24 sts
  • 5t: {inc, 3sc} x6 -> 30 sts
  • Do NOT cut the yarn but continue with the first ARM
  • 1a: 6sc, put the bottom part next to it and make another 6sc on the bottom part -> 12sts
  • 2a: 12 sc -> 12 sts
  • 3a: {2sc, dec, 2sc} x2 -> 10 sts
  • 4a: 10sc -> 10 sts
  • 5a: 2sc, dec, 6sc -> 9sts
  • 6a: 9sc -> 9 sts
  • 7a: 9sc -> 9 sts
  • 8a: 5sc, dec, 2sc -> 8sts
  • 9a: 8sc -> 8 sts
  • 10a: 3sc, dec, 3sc -> 7 sts
  • 11a: 7sc -> 7 sts
  • 12a: 3sc, dec, 2sc -> 6 sts
  • 13a: 6sc -> 6 sts

The rest of the arms are done with the same 1a - 13a in the top and bottom part. Six (6) stitches go into top part and six (6) stitches go in the bottom part. If you want longer arms you car repeat more of the non decreasing rows.

You can also watch the video tutorial on how to make a crochet starfish

Part 1/2 - top, bottom and one arm

Part 2/2 - rest of the arms, sewing the gaps and stuffing

Happy crafting

Alex xx


  • 19.08.2020 @Sue

    I see you did quite a few sea animals. This is prefect for summer decoration. Your patterns are saved on my to do list for next summer. And I really enjoy the YouTube part also. I now know I am not the only one who gets disturbed while trying to craft. It is pretty funny :) Regards, Sue




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