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Crochet jewelry is a trendy and stylish way to accessorize your outfits with a touch of handmade charm. Whether you're looking for a delicate necklace, a funky bracelet, or a pair of cute earrings, crochet can be used to create a wide variety of jewelry pieces. With its endless design possibilities, crochet jewelry allows you to express your unique style and personality.

The answer on how to crochet and make a crochet acorn brooch is simple. Crochet acorns, crochet oak leaf, get a pin and done. Almost.

Just follow along and in this post I will give you a step by step explanation on how to make a crochet acorn and oak leaf brooch - pin jewelry piece.

Crochet acorn and oak leaf brooch jewelery piece
A crochet acorn and oak leaf brooch jewelery piece

The crochet part of this brooch I would categorize as beginner friendly, because it uses only basic crochet stitches, but for the assembly part I would say it requires an intermediate skill level of crafting.

You will need to use some wire, yarn, glue, wrapping and sewing.

I will break each step down and explain what I did and how I did it to make this gorgeous crochet autumn inspired brooch.

In the previous post about crochet acorn and oak leaf I already showed you how to make the crochet acorn - the hat and the nut and in that post I also included two diagrams for two different sizes of a crochet oak leaf.

You can find the free written patterns and diagrams here. You will also find a link to a YouTube video tutorial on how to crochet the acorn nut (part 1) and the acorn hat (part 2).

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For this crochet brooch that measures about 8cm I used a 1.75mm crochet hook and some lace peal yarn - also known as mercerized pearl cotton thread yarn.

At the end you will also find a picture of the front and the back side of the crochet acorn oak leaf brooch.



Materials and supplies need for this crochet autumn brooch:

  • 2 crochet acorn nuts
  • 2 crochet acorn hats - without the stem - no need for the longer starting tail
  • 1 crochet oak leaf
  • yarn / thread in the color of the stem - I used the same yarn color as the crochet acorn hat
  • 1 pin
  • 2 10cm (0,5mm) wire - for the crochet acorns
  • 1 20cm (0,5mm) wire - for the pin and leaf
  • wood glue
  • hot glue gun - optional - I didn't use it, but you can use it to attach and secure the wire in the hat
  • 2 clover clips or 2 metal classic binder office clips (clamps)
  • crochet hook (0,75mm) to help you pull the yarn trough the magic ring of the acorn hat
  • sewing needle
  • pliers - one pair of side cutters for cutting the wire, one pair of round nose pliers to shape the ends - round ones
  • blocking / stiffening liquid - I use a sugar dissolved in water (2:1 ratio)
  • tweezers

And when you have all that ready you can start with the brooch. I will warn you it will take time, becuase on few steps you have to wait for the glue to dry.

Just have in mind if you are making several brooches it will take less time - so it is a perfect gift idea for your family / friends or customers in online shops, fairs and markets.

This picture can be a reference for few steps in the description below. I hope it will help.

4 closeups to make the crochet acorn brooch
A collage of 4 steps in detail how to make crochet acorn and oak leaf brooch jewelery piece



Step by step process description on how to make the crochet acorn brooch:

  • crochet 2 acorn nuts
  • crochet 2 acorn hats
  • crochet oak leaf
  • prepare the wire for the hat and yarn
  • for each acorn take 1 10cm wire and with round nose pliers make 2 or 3 round circles at one end (picture 1.1)
  • push the straight part of the wire through the magic ring of the hat - the loops are inside the acorn hat
  • use a crochet hook to pull the yarn trough the magic ring - yarn ball is on the outer side of the acorn hat - where the strait part of the wire is
  • tie the yarn around the wire rings and secured it
  • push the wire circles in the acorn nut hat as close as possible to the hat and while holding it tight wrap about 1cm of the straight wire (picture 1.2)
  • cut yarn with about a 10cm end tail - only on the first acorn hat
  • with a clover clip secure the end of the yarn
  • prepare the 2nd acorn hat the same way, but do NOT cut the yarn
  • holding both loose ends of yarn start twisting the two wires together from about 1cm from the base of the acorn hat - where the wrapping of yarn ended
  • adjust the length of the wire for the acorn - all together I ended with about 3cm of wire to wrap
  • wrap the 2 twisted wires one more time and secure the end tail - I used a needle to knot it and hide the end tail where the two acorn hat wires meet
  • put some wood glue in the acorn hat and wait a bit to dry (optional you can use a drop of hot glue gun here)
  • sew the acorn nut and the acorn hat together (2 times)
  • use some wood glue to secure the wrapped yarn around the wire - a bit messy but I used my fingers for that
  • dip the end of the wire in wood glue to have a tiny cap at the end - no sharp edges (picture 1.3)
  • set aside and wait to dry
  • fold the 20cm wire in half and begin to wrap the yarn around - lay the yarn parallel to the wire with a starting tail about 2cm from the end and start wrapping around the staring tail and wire to the end and the continue wrapping down
  • before the end measure the length of the leaf and cut wire off and continue to wrap the yarn around the wire up and down - I wrapped the wire in 3 layers
  • finish wrapping the wire in the position where the pin will be
  • cut the yarn about 30cm from the wire base - you will use this to sew the pin to the wire base
  • with a clover clip secured the end of the yarn
  • use wood glue to secure a the wrapped yarn a bit
  • dip the end of the wire in wood glue to have a tiny cap at the end - no sharp edges (picture 1.3)
  • wait to dry
  • sew the pin to the wire base - hide the end tail where the pin is sewn on and secured
  • I made a nice swirl and the top of the wire with a bin - just made it a more sturdy and have more balance
  • sew the wire with the pin to the crochet oak leaf - on the back side go over the wire to the front side where you make small stitches and turn back to the back side (picture 1.4)
  • I made a small swirl also at the end of the acorn wire base - decorative (picture 1.3)
  • sew the crochet acorns to the oak leaf - sew next to the wire of the leaf - be aware of the stitches on the front side - on the back side you go over the wire - front side just small stitches
  • blocking and stiffening - damp the leaf and use tweezers to stretch and put the crochet leaf in a nice shape
  • wait to dry


Front and back side of the crochet acorn brooch
A closeup of the crochet acorn oak leaf brooch front the front and the back side

I know it was a lot to read (and writte for me) but I hope you now see how much work it is with just "one little piece".

This little crochet acorn brooch takes fast to crochet but a lot of time to assemble. At the end it is worth it.


Happy crafting

Alex xx



  • 02.10.2022 @anonymous

    I always wanted to know how the back side looks. I was looking at other places and no one wanted to show the back side. Thank you. It looks pretty and well done.




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