Crochet fish pattern


I found this wonderful free crochet pattern for an amigurumi fish. It is perfect for the underwater sea animal kingdom mobile that I am currently working on. And what I also see in this fish is a bookmark or a key-chain. Perhaps even a crochet brooch can be made out of it. It is a keeper in my eyes.

The pattern is not mine, but its Paulinas and that is what I am calling this fish “Paulinas fish”. The link to the pattern can be found here.

In the picture you can see two different sizes, both using the same pattern but one is made with a 3mm crochet hook and the smaller ones are made with 1,75mm crochet hook. I fell in love with it.

I also made a video on YouTube on how to use the pattern. Its a tutorial

Happy crafting

Alex xxx


  • 05.08.2020 @anonymous

    They look great. I made several and thank you for the pattern. This crochet fishes are perfect for my summer decoration.

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There are five main types of basic stitches: chain stitch,slip stitch, single crochet stitch, half-double crochet stitch, double crochet stitch. While the horizontal distance covered by these basic stitches is the same, they differ in height and thickness.

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"As a beginner crochet lover I absolutely adore the free patterns you put on. It helped me improve my skills and the extended family is happy for all the crochet decoration I made this season. The patterns all have YouTube video tutorial to watch row by row how it is made. I learned new stitches and it was easy to crochet. Thank you." - Anna M.