Crochet ladybug amigurumi


In this tutorial post and a link to a YouTube video tutorial down below I want to show you how to crochet a ladybug amigurumi.

I just adore the cute little amigurumi animal. I know it is a bug but it is still super cure.

Where and how and why to use this amigurumi? Well it can be a toy, a keyring, a pin, a lucky totem, depending on the crochet hook size and yarn you are using it can come out large (with a 10mm crochet hook) and be a pillow. Using a 0.6mm crochet hook and sewing thread you can even make a pendant or earnings.

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I have been using a 3mm crochet hook and the amigurumi is about 6cm big.

Small crochet ladybug amigurumi


I filled it with a little bit of lavender to scare away other bugs.

The stitches used in this pattern are:

  • sl st – slip stitch
  • ch – chain stitch
  • sc – single crochet stitch
  • inc – single crochet increase stitch (make 2 in 1)
  • dec – single crochet decrease stitch (crochet 2 stitches into 1 using back loops only)

Materials and supplys needed for the project:

  • crochet hook (3mm)
  • yarn (cotton / acrylic / wool) – red and black – or the color of your choice
  • scissors
  • needle
  • fiberfill
  • buttons – optional for the spots



How to tips:

  • make the dots / spots (I made 5 of them)
  • make the body and 1 row in second color of yarn
  • embroider the middle part
  • attach the dots / spots
  • start closing the bottom
  • add filling
  • finish and close the bottom
  • crochet the head
  • attach the head

Pattern for the dots / spots:

  • magic ring
  • R1: 6sc – 6st
  • join invisibly

Pattern for the body:

  • magic ring
  • R1: 6sc – 6st
  • R2: 6inc – 12st
  • R3: {sc, inc} x6 – 18st
  • R4: {sc, inc, sc} x6 – 24st
  • R5: {3sc, inc} x6 – 30st
  • R6: {2sc, inc, 2sc} x6 – 36st
  • R7: {5sc, inc} x6 – 42st
  • R8, R9, R10: 42sc – 42st
  • R11: change color and work back loops only – 42 sc – 42st
  • R12: (5sc, dec)x6 – 36st
  • R13: (2sc, dec, 2sc)x6 – 30st
  • R14: (3sc, dec)x6 – 24st
  • R15: (sc, dec, sc)x6 – 18st
  • R16: (sc, dec)x6 – 12st

Sew together front loops only and pull

Pattern for the head:

  • magic ring
  • R1: 6sc – 6st
  • R2: 6inc – 12st
  • R3: {sc, inc} x6 – 18st
  • R4, R5: 18sc – 18st
  • join invisibly

After you made the head all you have to do is sew it to the boddy of the crochet ladybug amigurumi. Pin the part to the body so you can sew without shifting.

I also made the antennae for the ladybug. To do that I just used the black cotton yarn and made a knot at the head - so it is positioned and at the end of the yarn. The free know should be about 1.5cm or 2cm form the head. Cut yarn and to the same on the other side.


A free step-by-step real-time YouTube video tutorial on how to crochet and assemble the little amigurumi ladybug:


Happy crafting

Alex xx





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