Sunburst Granny Square


This lovely crochet granny square is perfect with its little puffs and bobbles and you can make it in any color combination you want. For the video tutorial I used a different colours for each of the rows. In the video tutorial I also show you how change the colours invisibly. The crochet sunburst granny square can be used as a crochet coaster or if combined with more a blanker or even a... (hint hint – my next project)

If we ask Wiki what a granny square is: 
“A granny square is a piece of square fabric produced in crochet by working in rounds from the center outward. Granny squares are traditionally handmade. They resemble coarse lace. Although there is no theoretical limit to the maximum size of a granny square, crocheters usually create multiple small squares (called "motifs") and assemble the pieces to make clothing, purses, Afghan blankets, and other household textiles.”
“Although particular color and pattern schemes for granny squares change with time, this class of motif is a staple among crocheters. Multicolor granny squares are an effective way to use up small amounts of yarn left over from other projects and basic granny square motifs do not require advanced skills to execute.”

So in this tutorial I will show you how to crochet a Sunbusrt granny square. I found the pattern on Crochet365KnitTo and it is free.

But as you know me, I did few changes. I know. I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t resist.

In this pattern I will be using a magic ring to start with, a double crochet, a half double crochet, a treble crochet, a puff and a bobble stitch. If you don’t know the stitches you are welcome to check my YouTube tutorial to see how it is done.

The puff stitch is made with yarning over once, inserting your hook into a stitch, yarning over and pulling up a loop through that stitch but do not pull through any loops already on the hook. Yarn over again, insert your hook, pull up a loop, yarn over again, insert your hook and pull up a loop, when you have 7 loops on the hook only then pull through all the loops on your hook with yarn over and close the puff with a chain stitch.

The bobble stitch is just 4 incomplete double crochet stitches into the same stitch – in our case between the two puff stitches and then, when you have 5 loops on your hook you do a yarn over again and pull it through all 5 loops. An incomplete double crochet is a double crochet that is worked up to the last yarn over that completes the stitch.

Again I am inviting you to check this out in the YouTube video tutorial.

The written pattern:

  • R1: magic ring, ch3 (counts as first dc), make dc15 in the magic ring, join to top of 1st stitch in the row, cut yarn and fasten off (16 st)
  • R2: attach the 2nd color and ch2 in dc of the previous round, {puff stitch in each dc of the previous round} x16, cut yarn, join to top of 1st stitch and fasten off (16 st)
  • R3: attach the 3rd color in between 2 stitches and ch3 (counts as the first incomplete double crochet), 3 incomplete double crochet and close the stitch, ch2, {bobble st, ch2} x15, cut yarn, join to top of 1st stitch and fasten off
  • R4: attach the 4th color in between 2 bobble st – where ch2 is – ch3 (counts as 1st dc, dc2 in same space), { (tc3, ch2, tc3 ) in next space, dc3 in next space, hdc3 in next space, dc3 in next space} x3, dc3 in next space, hdc3 in last space, cut yarn, join to top of 1st stitch and fasten off.

The scem for the pattern scheme. In round 2 there are puff stitchet, and in round 3 there are bobble stitches. Those were the closest signgs I could find and use.

Easy to follow along video tutorial can be found on my YouTube channel. 

I thank again Crochet365KnitTo for this amazing crochet granney square pattern.

Happy crafting


  • 27.10.2020 @S.

    Thank you for showing in detail in your YouTube tutorial on how to change colures.

  • 16.09.2020 @Alex from

    This was my first attempt on granny squares. I saw it was an international granny square day few days back so I made one. And another one, and another one. So to use them all I will be making a bag soon. I will make also a video tutorial on how to join the crochet granny squares into a bag.

  • 14.09.2020 @anonymous

    This is one is also on of my favorite granny squares.




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