Simple crochet angel ornament


A simple crochet angel ornament made from basic geometric shapes (circle and a cut off triangle) and using only basic crochet stitches. This is a beginner friendly crochet Christmas decoration project.

Crochet angel ornament
Crochet Angel Christmas tree ornament

In the previous post ( /Basic crochet shape christmas ornament set ) I showed you how to make a crochet Christmas tree ornament ( crochet triangle basic shape ) and a crochet snowman ornament ( crochet circle basic shape ).

In this tutorial I will give you the pattern - written instruction with a video tutorial on YouTube how to take the basic shapes, modify them and combine and sew them together into a crochet angel ornament.


A great benefit of this pattern is the adjustment of the size that you want. With my 3mm crochet hook and cotton DK yarn the angel is about 8cm tall and the wing span is also 8cm.

If you want a smaller or a bigger angel you have two options:

  • take thicker or thinner yarn / wool and a bigger or smaller crochet hook
  • make the base of the body longer (do more chains and continue with a decreases in every 3rd row - after R7) or shorter (do less chains). For the head and the wings you can do more or less rows of increasing the base of 6 stitches

For the crochet angel ornament I made I took a base of 13 chains for the body. The body is worked bottom to top.

You have to make 2 parts for the body (front and back), 2 parts for the head (front and back) and two parts for the wing (each folded in half you get a left and a right wing).

The stitches used in this pattern for angel ornament are:

  • magic ring
  • sl st - slip stitch
  • ch - chain stitch
  • sc - single crochet stitch
  • dec - sc decrease stitch (join 2sc in 1 - back loops only)
  • inc - sc increase stitch (make 2sc in 1)


The patterns for the parts:

Pattern for the body of the crochet ornament

Note! You will need to make 2.

  • ch 13
  • ch1, 13sc
  • ch1, dec,9sc, dec
  • ch1, 11sc
  • ch1, dec, 7sc, dec
  • ch1, 9sc
  • ch1, dec, 5sc, dec
  • ch1, 7sc
  • ch1, 7sc
  • ch1, dec, 3sc, dec
  • ch1, 5sc
  • ch1, 5sc

To make a nice edge of the body part crochet single crochet stitches in each last stitch of the row all the way around the body of the angel. In the corner make 3 single crochet stitches in one - just to turn it. You only have to do this on the side and bottom edges.

The pattern as a diagram for the body of the crochet angel:


diagram for a crochet angel ornament
Crochet diagram pattern for an angel ornament


Pattern for the angel head:

  • magic ring
  • R1: 6sc - 6st
  • R2: 6inc - 12st
  • R3: {sc, inc} x6 - 18st
  • R4: {sc, inc, sc} x6 - 24st

Pattern for the crochet angel wings:

Wings: make 2 (each wing is a folded in half circle)

Note - Last row of the crochet wings is done in a diferent color. I used some golden yarn to give it the angelic look. You can skip the changing of the color of the yarn.

  • magic ring
  • R1: 6sc - 6st
  • R2: 6inc - 12st
  • R3: {sc, inc} x6 - 18st
  • R4: {sc, inc, sc} x6 - 24st
  • R5: {3sc, inc} x6 - 30st

change color

  • R6: {2sc, inc, 2sc} x6 - 36st


How to assemble the crochet angel with all the part:

Here is a list to follow with all the step:

  • fold each wing in half and sew the round edges together - you will get two half circles
  • attach the wings on the back side of the body - sew the crochet wings to the body
  • join the body front and body back together - sew the parts together on the edge
  • embroider the head - eyes, mouth
  • sew the top part of the head together
  • insert the body of the angel ornament into the head and continue sewing around the edge of the head
  • use hair color your of your choice and sew some lines to make the hair
  • and your simple crochet angel ornament is done

A free step-by-step real-time YouTube video tutorial on how to Simple crochet ANGEL ornament TUTORIAL | Crochet Christmas decoration pattern | Beginner friendly



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You can use any color combination for your crochet angel ornament. At the end add a string and you can admire your angel on your Christmas tree.


Happy crafting

Alex xx


  • 01.10.2022 @K.

    I started making my christmas presents this year a bit earlier I already made 6 of these angels. Each in a different color of the wings edges. I skipped the beads for the eyes, made just a dot and put some blush on the cheeks. Love them and hope the family will love them also. Thank you for this great pattern.

  • 25.12.2021 @anonymous

    I made this angel just in time for Christmas. I will be making more of them for next year to gift to my family. And as your said... it was easy to make.

  • 19.12.2021 @anonymous

    I made several and they look great on the christmas tree. They are also fast to make. Thank you




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"As a beginner crochet lover I absolutely adore the free patterns you put on. It helped me improve my skills and the extended family is happy for all the crochet decoration I made this season. The patterns all have YouTube video tutorial to watch row by row how it is made. I learned new stitches and it was easy to crochet. Thank you." - Anna M.