Set of 3 Crochet mushrooms


A free crochet mushroom pattern for a set of 3 different shapes of red cap - dead cap - toadstool - crochet mushrooms - a super pointy crochet mushroom pattern, a not so pointy crochet mushroom pattern and a flat cap crochet mushroom pattern.

Even dough some are poisonous these crochet mushrooms are safe, good looking, cute and easy to make for home decoration, autumn seasonal decoration, Christmas ornaments, gifts, jewelry, keychains or amigurumi toys.

These crochet magic fly agaric mushrooms are a must on my Christmas tree for this year.


crochet mushrooms
A set of 3 different crochet mushrooms - a super pointy cap crochet mushroom (green), a pointy cap crochet mushroom (pink) and a flat cap crochet mushroom (blue)

Different sizes of yarn / wool / thread and crochet hooks give you different sizes of mushrooms. For example:

  • for tutorial purposes I was using a 3.5mm crochet hook and the finished crochet mushroom measured about 14cm
  • when using a 1.5mm crochet hook and some cotton lace yarn the crochet mushroom is about 10cm tall
  • when using a 1mm crochet hook and some cotton pearl yarn the crochet mushroom is about 8cm tall

Depending of the size you need and want you can choose the appropriate yarn and crochet hook size for it.

In any case of the size you will crochet I would suggest using some beads for the scales. It looks so much nicer then if you would be sewing on top white little crochet circles. Another option is also felt that you can / could sew or glue on the cap.

Also you have to know why you will be using the mushroom for. If you will be using this crochet mushroom as a decoration on a Christmas tree - ornament you should defiantly use some white beads / pearls for the scales. The same goes for the jewelry piece, you want glamour and bling on the crochet mushroom.

But if you are making an amigurumi mushroom toy then I would say make the white dots ( magic ring, 6sc, finish with and invisible join) and sew them one the cap. Have in mind kids will play with the amigurumi mushroom and you don't want them to tear the beads off and eat them. Safety first!

For a Christmas ornament mushroom I suggest using a 1.5mm crochet hook and some lace cotton yarn in white and red color.

I used a white color cotton DK yarn to make the bottom part of the mushroom - the cup (volva), stem (stape, stalk), ring (annulus) and gils (lamellae). The red yarn I used for the cap (pilerus).

To make the scales I used some mixed white seadbeads. I also used some mixed green, brown, gold seadbeads for the "dirt", soil, moss on the stem - you can also almost call them mycelium.

If you want to make a pendant I would suggest using some pearl cotton and a 1mm crochet hook.

Amigurumi or toys you should have a 4mm or bigger crochet hook.

All the parts of the crochet mushroom are done in continues rounds so have a stitch marker ready and count the crochet stitches and rows.


The stitches used in this FREE and adjustable pattern for the crochet mushroom are:

  • sl st – slip stitch
  • ch - chain stitch
  • sc - single crochet stitch
  • inc - increase single crochet stitch - make 2sc in 1
  • dec - decrease single crochet stitch - join 2sc in 1

Here are the FREE crochet patterns for all different types of caps of the crochet mushroom.


Pattern can be adjusted by you for:

  • making a longer or shorter crochet mushroom stem
  • making a ring around the crochet mushroom stem
  • selecting the row where to put the ring
  • crocheting bigger or smaller cap for a crochet mushroom
  • adding eyes to make an amigurumi

Fill the stem of the crochet mushroom with fiberfill as you crochet.

Add the beads and decoration before you join the stem and the cap of the crochet mushroom.

Don't forget to fill the cap of the crochet mushroom also with some fiberfill - but only after you decorate it.

Crochet pattern for the mushroom stem with an optional ring:

You can also position the ring in any of the rows 14 or up - the pattern is adjustable. And I keep explaining how to adjust it in my YouTube video tutorial.

  • R0: magic ring
  • R1: 6sc
  • R2: {inc}x6 – 12st
  • R3: {inc, sc}x6 – 18st
  • R4-5: 18sc – 18st
  • R6: {4sc, dec}x3 – 15st
  • R7: 15sc – 15st
  • R8: {3sc, dec}x3 – 12st
  • R9-11: 12sc – 12st
  • R12: {dec, 4sc}x2 - 10st
  • R13-14: 10sc - 10st
  • R15: 4sc, dec, 4sc – 9st
  • R16: 9sc – 9st
  • R17- FRONT LOOPS ONLY: {ch2, sc}x9, join with a sc in the back loop
  • R17- BACK LOOPS ONLY: 9sc - 9st
  • R18-19: 9sc - 9st
  • R20: {inc}x9 – 18st
  • R21: {sc, inc, sc}x6 – 24st
  • R22: {3sc, inc}x6 – 30st
  • R23: {2sc, inc, 2sc}x6 - 36st
  • finish up with an invisible join, cut yarn

Pattern for the super pointy green cap of a crochet mushroom:

  • R0: magic ring
  • R1: 6sc
  • R2: {inc, sc}x3 – 9st
  • R3: 9sc – 9st
  • R4: {sc, inc, sc}x3 – 12st
  • R5: 12sc- 12st
  • R6: {inc, 5sc}x2 – 14st
  • R7: 14sc – 14st
  • R8: {3sc, inc, 3sc}x2 – 16st
  • R9: 16sc – 16st
  • R10: {inc, 7sc}x2 – 18st
  • R11: 18sc – 18st
  • R12: {sc, inc, sc}x6 – 24st
  • R13: {3sc, inc}x6 – 30st
  • R14: {2sc, inc, 2sc}x6 – 36st
  • R15: {5sc, inc}x6 – 42st
  • R16a: 42sc – 42st
  • R16b: {ch1, sl st}x42 – 42st
  • R16c: {3sc, inc, 3sc}x6 – 48st
  • cut yarn and join invisibly

Pattern for the not so pointy but still a bit pointy cap of a pink crochet mushroom that is the same as for the super pointy mushroom cap one except you skip the rows where the stitches are copied - doubled:

  • R0: magic ring
  • R1: 6sc
  • R2: {inc, sc}x3 – 9st
  • R3: {sc, inc, sc}x3 – 12st
  • R4: {inc, 5sc}x2 – 14st
  • R5: {3sc, inc, 3sc}x2 – 16st
  • R6: {inc, 7sc}x2 – 18st
  • R7: {sc, inc, sc}x6 – 24st
  • R8: {3sc, inc}x6 – 30st
  • R9: {2sc, inc, 2sc}x6 – 36st
  • R10: {5sc, inc}x6 – 42st
  • R11a: 42sc – 42st
  • R11b: {ch1, sl st}x42 – 42st
  • R11c: {3sc, inc, 3sc}x6 – 48st
  • cut yarn and join invisibly

Pattern for the flat blue cap of a crochet mushroom:

  • R0: magic ring
  • R1: 6sc – 6st
  • R2: 6inc – 12st
  • R3: {sc, inc} x6 – 18st
  • R4: {sc, inc, sc} x6 – 24st
  • R5: {3sc, inc} x6 – 30st
  • R6: {2sc, inc, 2sc} x6 – 36st
  • R7: {5sc, inc}x6 – 42st
  • R8a: 42sc – 42st
  • R8b: {ch1, sl st}x42 – 42st
  • R8c: {3sc, inc, 3sc}x6 – 48st
  • cut yarn and join invisibly

Once you have all the parts of the crochet mushroom you have to sew the mushroom stem part to the mushroom cap part.

Also have in mind you have to use some fiberfill between the cap and the stem.


And at the end all the YouTube video tutorials about crocheting different shapes and sizes of mushrooms. 



Happy crafting

Alex xx




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"As a beginner crochet lover I absolutely adore the free patterns you put on. It helped me improve my skills and the extended family is happy for all the crochet decoration I made this season. The patterns all have YouTube video tutorial to watch row by row how it is made. I learned new stitches and it was easy to crochet. Thank you." - Anna M.