Crochet Calla Lily Flower


Discover the beauty of crocheted Calla Lilies with this beginner-friendly tutorial. Learn how to create stunning floral accents for bouquets and centerpieces. Elevate your crafting skills and add a touch of natural elegance to any occasion!

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Adding flair to any bunch of flowers, the Calla Lily is a fantastic addition. With this Calla Lily Flower crochet tutorial I am sharing an easy Calla Lily pattern that is perfect for beginners. This crochet flower has a pretty stamen and one petal that come together in one amazing crochet elegant flower.


Crochet Calla Lily  Flower
Crochet Calla Lily Flower


Whether you are making a bouquet or a centerpiece, this Calla Lily pattern can help you create realistic crochet flowers to bring a touch of natures beauty and elegance for any occasion.



Materials needed to crochet calla lilly flowers:

  • yarn – for petal – I am using mercerized cotton yarn
  • yarn – green, for leaf and wrapping around the stem
  • crochet hook – appropriate size for your yarn – 3mm
  • wire – for stem if making a flower to use in a bouquet – thickness 1mm or more
  • needle
  • glue
  • hot glue gun
  • thread

The stitches used in this pattern for the crochet calla lilly flower are:

  • sl st - slip stitch
  • ch - chain stitch
  • sc - single crochet stitch
  • inc – increase: 2 sc in 1
  • hdc – half double crochet stitch
  • hdcins - half double crochet increase stitch – make 2hdc in 1
  • dc – dobule crochet stitch
  • dcinc – double crochet increase stitch – make 2 dc in 1
  • tr – triple or treble crochet stitch
  • picot – ch3, join with a slip stitch at the base

Pattern for the crochet lilly calla flower 

Note: You only need to make 1 piece!

  • R0: magic ring
  • R1: 6sc in magic ring – 6st
  • R2: 6inc – 12st
  • R3: {inc, sc}x6 – 18st
  • R4: {sc, inc, sc}x6 – 24st
  • R5: {3sc, inc}x6 – 30st
  • R6: 4sc, {sc, inc, sc}x7, sc, 4sc – 37st
  • R7: 5sc, {sc, inc, sc}x2, {hdc, hdcinc, hdc}x5, {sc, inc, sc}x2, 5sc – 56st
  • R8: 6sc, {sc, inc, sc}x2, {hdc, hdcinc, hdc}, {dc, dcinc, dc}x2, (tr, tr, picot, tr), {dc, dcinc, dc}x2, {hdc, hdcinc, hdc}, {sc, inc, sc}x2, 6sc

And that is it. It curls naturaly. And all you need now is to make the stamen.

Patter for the crochet calla lilly flower - stamen

  • R0: magic ring
  • R1: 6sc in magic ring – 6st
  • R2-11: 6sc – 6st
  • R12: 6sc, join with a sl st

All you now have to do is insert the wire into the stamen, and wrap the petal around it. 

And that is it. I will soon also make a video tutorial. 


If you use a smaller crochet hook and some cotton lace yarn, you can create an amazing crochet calla lilly brooch. Just like this:


Crochet Calla Lily  Flower Brooch
Crochet Calla Lily Flower Brooch set of 3








Happy crafting





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