Basic crochet shape Christmas ornament set


In this post I want to talk about three basic shapes and what you can make from them alone.

As you can see I made a present (a gift) ornament from a square croched shape, I made a Christmas tree ornament from a triangle and with a circle I made 2 different video tutorials. The one for the snowman is done in continuous rounds and the multi colored one is done row by row, where in the YouTube tutorial I show you two ways to change the colors.

Now the size can vary depending on the size of your crochet hook and the thickness of your yarn.

With my 3mm crochet hook they come out between 4-7cm high.

The patterns are adjustable. If you want a bigger present make more chains in the beginning.

If you want a larger crochet Christmas tree make more chains in the beginning.

If you want larger snowman / bulb, make more rows with the same principle of increasing.

I also used the same pattern for the crochet brooch that you can see the picture. The change was the size of my crochet hook (1.75mm) and the cotton yarn was much thinner.

"When you make your shape and if it is a crochet square or the crochet triangle crochet single crochet stitches all around so you get a nice clean edge. At the end I would suggest SEWING tho parts together so you can spin your ornament around and you will not have a bad backside."




  • Row 0: ch 10 
  • Row 1 - Row 10: ch1, 10sc

The diagram for the present base:




  • Row 0: ch 15
  • Row 1: (ch1) 15sc
  • Row 2: (ch1) dec, 11sc, dec
  • Row 3: (ch1) 13sc
  • Row 4: (ch1) dec, 9sc, dec
  • Row 5: (ch1) 11sc
  • Row 6: (ch1) dec, 7sc, dec
  • Row 7: (ch1) 9sc
  • Row 8: (ch1) dec, 5sc, dec
  • Row 9: (ch1) 7sc
  • Row 10: (ch1) dec, 3sc, dec
  • Row 11: (ch1) 5sc
  • Row 12: (ch1) dec, 1sc, dec
  • Row 13: (ch1) 3sc
  • Row 14: (ch1) dec, 1sc
  • Row 15: (ch1) dec

The diagram for the tree base:




  • magic ring
  • R1: 6sc – 6st
  • R2: 6inc – 12st
  • R3: {sc, inc} x6 – 18st
  • R4: {sc, inc, sc} x6 – 24st
  • R5: {3sc, inc} x6 – 30st
  • R6: {2sc, inc, 2sc} x6 – 36st


Pattern for the crochet carrot:

  • ch4 (remember the ch3 position)
  • in the 2nd stitch from the hook make sc, in the next stitch a hdc, and in the last stitch make 2dc

Video tutorials:





Happy crafting

Alex xx


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